Friday, July 20, 2018


Current Project

Access to Work for over 25s

Greenlight Recycling Limited's 'Access to Work for Over 25's' project aims to provide full-time paid ‘in work’ training opportunities to 16 individuals aged over 25 who are resident in West Dunbartonshire, have been unemployed for more than 18 months, are low-skilled and have low confidence. The project is targeted at those over 25 who are not eligible for existing government employment initiatives such as Youth Employment Grants and Jobcentre Wage Initiative.

The project will be delivered in partnership with the Tell Organisation who will pre-screen candidates prior to an interview. West Dunbartonshire Council's Money Advice service will provide a better-off calculation and ensure income from benefits is maximised at this stage.

The Tell Organisation will then provide a week of employability training along with necessary certificated safety training and Emergency First Aid. When with Greenlight in the first year, beneficiaries will gain a variety of work experience in the recycling and environmental services teams. They will also receive off-the-job training from the Tell Organisation and work towards certification in the operation of a variety of tasks and pieces of machinery and equipment.

At the end of the year beneficiaries will be recruited on a permanent basis and it is the aim that 12 of the 16 recruits will sustain employment for a minimum of one year. Referrals will come from Jobcentre Plus and local employment partnership agencies.


Cardboard Collection & Processing

Alexandria Recycling-

Co-mingled recyclate from Difficult Access properties in West Dunbartonshire

Commercial cardboard collections in West Dunbartonshire

Authority co-mingled deliveries, materials sorting, consolidation, baling and transfers to re-processors

 Ingleston Park Recycling-

 Co-mingled recyclate collections from Difficult Access properties in Inverclyde

 Authority co-mingled deliveries, materials sorting, consolidation, baling and transfers to re-processors

 Material sorted and sold to re-processors per annum:

 Cardboard 1700 tonnes