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October 1991 Greenlight Recycling Ltd established with Urban Aid funding through Dumbarton District Council. The Company initially collected/ purchased aluminium cans from various groups and picked up glass from local recycling sites and licensed premises.

Operational area was the old Dumbarton District (Prior to Unitary Authority formation in 1996)


Manager, HGV driver & 2 x loaders

A partnership was formed in 1992 with Invercycle, a similar operation working out of Pottery Street in Greenock.

The manager had dual responsibility for these companies

In 1994, a holding company, with charitable status was formed and registered as Greenlight Recycling. Concurrently, the name was changed for the existing Company from Greenlight Recycling Ltd to Greenlight Environmental Ltd with the shares being transferred to the newly formed charitable wing. This remains the situation to date with Greenlight Environmental Ltd operating as the trading subsidiary of the Charity.

With the formation of the Unitary Authorities, Inverclyde, West Dunbartonshire and Argyll & Bute in 1996, there was an opportunity to expand in all three areas and absorb the activities of Invercycle within the Greenlight structure

The Company also registered as an Environmental Body with Entrust at this time and began to access Landfill Tax Rebates in early 1997. This funding was used to establish kerbside recyclate collections in West Dunbartonshire and the Lomond area of Argyll & Bute and also the expansion of glass collections in Argyll & Bute.

In 1998, Landfill Tax Funding was again used to support the establishment of kerbside recyclate collections in Inverclyde and also commercial cardboard collections.

In this year, funding was secured from the National Lottery Charities Board and the European Social Fund to establish care of garden schemes in West Dunbartonshire and the Lomond area of Argyll & Bute. Glass recycling was expanded to cover all mainland Argyll & Bute with ERDF funding through Argyll & Bute Council

These remained the principal Company activities until 2005 when Local Authorities began to receive Government funding through the Strategic Waste Fund which resulted in significant restrictions on the use of Landfill Tax for recycling projects.

Fortunately, the three Local Authorities continued to support Greenlight through the setting up of Service Level Agreements for most of the previous projects within their areas.

Inverclyde Council also used some of this new funding to establish a materials recycling facility at Ingleston Park in Greenock and Greenlight were fortunate to secure the management and operation of this business when it went out to tender.

However, the realisation that European and Government funding was diminishing resulted in a positive decision to reduce the reliance on funding and increase the Company activities through SLA’s and contracts.

Current Company Activities:

The holding company, Greenlight Recycling continues to have charitable and Environmental Body status and wholly owns Greenlight Environmental Ltd. Greenlight Recycling has no employees and is controlled by a volunteer Board of Directors.

Greenlight Environmental Ltd is the wholly owned subsidiary of Greenlight Recycling and acts as the operational wing with surpluses (when) generated being covenanted back the Charity.

Greenlight Environmental Ltd:

Controlled by volunteer Board of Directors

Currently employs around 85 core full time staff and 16 seasonal gardeners.

Has a turnover of around £2.3m

Has a fleet of 17 vehicles ranging from 32 tonne Hook-lift trucks to 3 seater vans (excluding loading shovels and FLT’s)

Operational Locations:

West Dunbartonshire-

Alexandria Main Depot, Materials Recycling Facility and Administration Centre

Dalmoak Recycling Centre

Ferry Road Recycling Centre


Ingleston Park Materials Recycling Facility


Alexandria Recycling-

Co-mingled recyclate and glass collections from Difficult Access properties in West Dunbartonshire

Commercial cardboard collections in West Dunbartonshire

Glass collections from licensed premises and recycling centres in Inverclyde, West Dunbartonshire and mainland Argyll & Bute

Can collections from Sterling for processing.

Confidential paper collections in West Dunbartonshire and the Lomond area of A & B

Authority co-mingled deliveries, materials sorting, consolidation, baling and transfers to re-processors

Confidential paper shredding

Management and operation of Dalmoak and Ferry Road Recycling Centres

Alexandria Environmental-

Care of Gardens (garden tidy for elderly and infirm residents of West Dunbartonshire)

Environmental work (installation of play parks, soft landscaping, drainage, woodland management, turfing, & etc)

Ingleston Park Recycling-

Co-mingled recyclate collections from Difficult Access properties in Inverclyde

Confidential paper collections in Inverclyde

Authority co-mingled deliveries, materials sorting, consolidation, baling and transfers to re-processors

Current Annual Recycling Performance

Total Material processed through Greenlight Environmental Depot at Alexandria and the Materials Recycling Facility at Inverclyde: 14,500 tonnes per annum

Material sorted and sold to re-processors per annum:

Glass 5400 tonnes

Paper 3200 tonnes

Cardboard 1700 tonnes

Plastic 550 tonnes

Steel 500 tonnes

Aluminium 230 tonnes

2nd Pass 1200 tonnes (conversion into recyclate derived fuel)

Current Care of Gardens Performance

Over 2500 properties serviced annually with 7 grass cuts and 2 hedge trims between April and October.

Current and recently completed environmental work

Maintenance schedule (West Dunbartonshire Council)

John Muir Trail

Overtoun Park renovation